Psidex Audio Laboratory is a brand of Paradyne Systems Inc a Connecticut corporation. Founded by Georgian and Tom Sokira in 1975, Paradyne is an engineering oriented company engaged in the design and manufacture of motion control, power conversion and custom electronic and audio systems. Tom has a background in audio design and studio recording dating back to the late 1950ís, having designed both vacuum tube and solid state equipment for the New York recording and film studios. With more than 10 years of experience in the Aerospace industry during the 1960ís he has accumulated a wealth of practical as well as theoretical engineering expertise. On the practical side, Tom and Georgian built and operated a studio for 8 years where most of the equipment including the console was designed and built by them.

The Psidex line was started a few years back to build vacuum tube pro gear using the tried and true technology which built the recording industry up from itís humble acoustic beginnings. This wealth of knowledge, coupled with the most modern of materials and aided by computer design and simulation, makes the Psidex line of tube products unique. Of course we also have deep respect for solid state gear which, when properly designed, can offer fine performance. We also like to make our own transformers at Paradyne because it is fun and they sound terrific.

We try to put a lot of truth and happiness into our Psidex tube gear because we think our customers deserve the best.